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(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is my PURPOSE?

Allowing quiet time to listen to Great Spirit we are shown the synchronicity of the web that Great Spirit has been weaving for us for many years. The connections of events, people, and messages give us more and more information to discover our Sacred Medicine. Sacred Medicine is that uniqueness that only you possess and are here to share with your brothers and sisters on the Mother Earth at this time.

Often times, what we think of as easy or something that everybody knows, is not necessarily easy or in the realm of understanding for our brothers and sisters. This is a gift that we individually have and can share in our Sacred Medicine. All our brothers and sisters have it from the four legged ones, insects, winged ones, stone people, standing tall people, to us the two legged. For example; the hawk is the messenger, the raven the shape shifter, the coyote the trickster, the ant bringing


patience, the deer brings grace, the redwood gives strength, the cedar gives us sweetness, and buffalo teaches us of our giveaway.

Indigenous Peoples all have known for centuries each person in the tribe has a purpose. Some were hunters, some scouts, some fire tenders, some basket weavers, some sewers, some shamans, and some food gathers, but all had a knowingness that this was their gift to give to the tribe and they also knew they were loved for doing their magic. Today, however it is more difficult to discover our sacred gifts to give to our tribe. The pressure to produce monetary rewards quickly so we may be acknowledged for our self worth is often times incongruent with our soul's purpose. Being congruent with our soul's purpose brings us joy, ease, fulfillment, pleasure, happiness within all our BEING!


One key element at looking at the fact of doing our Soul's Purpose is to see if things are in conjunction with Great Spirit? Are we doing our Sacred Medicine? Are things flowing easily and with little struggle? Am I having one road block after another? Are there opportunities popping up everywhere? Are you full of energy or drained? Are you flowing or trying to swim upstream against the current? Do you feel empowered or disempowered with the

people you are working with or in relationship? Is there a sense of reward for your efforts and gratification knowing that you are making a contribution? Do you have signs along the way to guide you for the next step or are you trying to drive and or direct the outcome with force? Have you been sick lately? Are you filled with energy and constantly exploring new exciting things such as skydiving, rock climbing, skiing, poetry, dancing, writing, or acting? Is your mythology such that you think life is wonderful or that life is hard? Are you at peace with yourself? Are you at peace with your family, friends, coworkers, and people in your community? Do you let your community (family, friends, mailman, grocery clerk, church family, dry cleaners, neighbors, pet, and yourself) know that you appreciate them and love them?

The fact is that we all are SACRED! We are on this Mother Earth for a purpose and that purpose is to be what brings us joy, fullness, meaning, and above all to share our Sacred Medicine that Great Spirit instilled within each of us for a Divine Purpose. Each of us has been placed here to fulfill our destiny in peaceful harmony not only for ourselves, but for all our brothers and sisters as well. We are all part of the web which depends on each other to not only carry the light, but to help illuminate the world. It is time now to allow ourselves to allow Great Spirit to show us the way.

Why do we fast? I don't think I can fast!

To most people this is of major concern. Our western culture has a tremendous emphasis on food. We spend a great deal of time each day shopping for the meal, preparing the meal, cooking the meal, and cleaning up after the meal. To allow ourselves the time to be totally with spirit and be fed by Great Spirit is a gift not easily explained. To allow oneself four days of purification of the body and

Crow Friend

mind is a gift beyond comprehension. By emptying out our body and our minds we can then be filled with the wisdom of Creator. Almost everyone has major fear about not eating for four days. Drinking water to purify the entire system allows us to be empty so our body and souls may be filled. Questers are provided with a schedule so they can prepare their body for fasting prior to arriving at basecamp. It is important that we come as pure as possible so our bodies, minds, souls can be filled free of distractions. While at basecamp we eat nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruit, pasta, herb tea. Experience has shown that upon returning to base camp all have said the fasting was not a problem. Aligning with spirit was the most profound experience they have ever had.

Has anyone been hurt by a bear or mountain lion?


No! We are in sacred space and our Creator is protecting us on our Quest. Spirit speaks to us through our four legged, winged ones, insects, and finned ones. We have never known of anybody being hurt and very few encounters of mountain lion or bear. One Vision Quester did see a bear and the message received was so important that she knows she would not have had the outcome she had if the bear had not appeared. Almost always, animals that

have attacked people in the wild are going after food. When you are on your solo time you do not have food so the risk is greatly diminished. The animals that do come are there for a reason and bring a message to help you in the synchronistic weaving of your web. One is taught to listen to the messages. Nobody has ever been hurt on any of my tours and you are taught safety during the training at basecamp.

More Questions and Answers

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