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2024 Message From Carol


“The wilderness holds answers to more questions
than we have yet to ask!”

Nang Newhall

After being isolated with the pandemic and some working from home offices, it is time rejoin our spiritual community to be one with Mother Earth and the Elders on the land again.  Here is where we find our spiritual guidance, oneness with Creator, and answers to yearning questions deep within our soul. Through learning how to listen to the Spirit that Moves In ALL Things --- the trees, streams, stones, plants, animals, mountains, clouds, and Mother Earth herself. Come learn to listen to Creator to rejoice in knowing you are one with Creator, God, Jesus, Prime Creator, and Mother Earth making that connection we all seek.  

How does you higher power communicate to you?

Is it a voice, feeling, or visual connection?

Or do you yearn to have this connection?

Creator is trying to connect with us all the time, but most of us do not recognize the signs which are directed to us or understand the meaning of these signs.  

We can all make this connection, but most of us have not been taught how to listen to the Spirit That Moves In All Things!  This I feel is the key to all my groups which I conduct. Teaching you how to listen, feel, or see how Creator communicates to you in your own special way.  

My grandfather taught me how to listen to the Spirit That Moves In All Things when I was 5.  I personally thought everyone knew how to listen until I was Spokane, Washington in 1985 at tribal gathering.  When we on a walk, i asked several people if they were hearing the spirit of a beautiful tree.  They did not.  So, I took them over and taught them how to listen to the message the tree was telling them.  They were so surprised and yeaned for more.  This changed the direction of my life and I started to do what turned out to be my life's purpose - teaching people how to connect with Creator through listening to the Spirit That Moves In All Things. The joy of watching my fellow brothers and sisters making this connection is so beautiful.     

Mother Earth is our healer that gives us clarity, serenity, and grounds us in truth. She can align us with her oneness of knowing we can connect with each of our personal God, Higher Power, Creator, and/or Great Spirit. The quiet of being with her is so special at this difficult time. After going thru these difficult years, many of us alone, we can rejoice at knowing we are not alone but with the Spirit That Moves In All Things. We can be shown how to listen to our God, Higher Power, Creator, or Great Spirit. The silence has been difficult for many of us, but through this time we can connect at a deeper level and have a knowing we are not alone, but surrounded in the love that only God, Higher Power, Creator, or Great Spirit can give to each of us.


We yearn to know the truth of knowing there is a plan for us. We yearn to know why we are here. We yearn to know what we are to do for all of our People--- our Sacred Medicine. We yearn to know we are not alone, We yearn to feel that knowing of being one with our individual God, Higher Power, Creator, or Great Spirit. From all the masters, this comes from being one on one in Nature with Mother Earth. The trees, the stones, the winged ones, the four legged, the creeks, the rivers, the oceans, the grasses, the wind, the sun, the moon, the stars all have a message for us. But, most of us do not know how to listen to the messages they are telling us. All Indigenous People have known how to listen to this spirit that lives in all things. I was taught at a very young age, 5, how to listen to this spirit within all by my Native American grandfather out on the land.

It is our ability to seek answers, directions, and healing from the power of Mother Earth and her wisdom. It is my passion to help us two legged to learn to listen and be still and receive the gifts Mother Earth has to give us. In all of my offerings, I work with each person to learn the techniques given to me from generations to be able to be one with our spirit and soul to learn to accept these gifts from Mother Earth. This gift is available to everyone who is open to learning the ancient ways of all the masters of listening and receiving this gift.

Come join us to learn these time tested ways of connecting with Mother Earth in loving environment.

Hiyaa gozhoo dolee,
(May peace and love flow over you)

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