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Sacred Journeys focus is taking incredible people out into the wilderness to heal, learn, and experience oneness with Mother Earth. To hear, see, and feel the powerful teachings of the wisdom each has within. Every journey will teach the wilderness awareness skills of living with nature through offering Vision Fasts, Survival TrainingShamanic HealingsShamanic TrainingsRites of Passage and Women’s Spiritual Retreats some of the most beautiful mountain regions in the world.

The tours will allow individuals to unleash their potential in obtaining wholeness, happiness, peacefulness, healing, spirituality, and awareness to their everyday life through the ancient wisdom of Mother Earth. We will experience being in the silence and experiencing how "Spirit Moves In All Things" on a multi-dimensional and multi-sensory level. The purpose of the experiences is to teach people how to listen from the heart connecting with unlimited support from Great Spirit.

We as a people are on a threshold in time to determine our future as a spiritual humanity. The transformation and transmutation each of us makes to become transformative beings is asked of each of us at this time. Sacred Journeys offers spiritual trainings in helping each person to heal spirit wounds and gain focused direction to become whole beings in order to survive and thrive in our world to make a difference each of us is here to complete on our personal sacred journey.

The love, peace, and serenity of all things exist on Mother Earth from the four-legged creatures to the winged ones, from the insects to the plants, and stones. All have infinite knowledge to teach us. It is time to come back to Mother Earth and experience her grandeur and abundance through the expert guidance of Sacred Journeys.



My dear friend and fellow Vision Quest Guide wrote the following which touched my heart and soul. For this time has so much dis-association to Mother Earth's core values, I have felt of going out and staying out with her cycles and harmony. We do have an obligation to find our soul's purpose and seek out that which is true from love and light for all she has created. We are being called to know our truth and hold everyone accountable. So, I encourage all to return to the cycles of Mother Earth to slow down and be still to be part of her to obtain answers, direction, peace, and surround your self in knowing we are ONE.

"The Great Work before us is the task of moving modern, industrialized civilization from its present devastating influence on the Earth to a more benign mode of presence. We were chosen by some power beyond ourselves for this historic task. The nobility of our lives depends on the manner in which we come to understand and fulfill our assignment. And we must believe that those powers that assigned us our role have also bestowed upon us the ability to fulfill this role." Thomas Berry

Mountain Lake Reflection

Dear Beloved Community,
In these times that are seemingly only going to get darker before the dawn, we know that the beauty of the natural world can provide rest, solace and the long vision of ancient wisdom.

And yet, with all that is going on, sometimes I wonder, what is it all for? Sometimes I question, is it worth continuing the fight? Sometimes I dream about retreating to the woods to live out my life in peace and let the world sort itself out...sometimes I forget the call that lives deep in my bones to be of service to the earth and her people...

And then a couple nights ago I had an unexpected few moments of sweet peace amidst it all. Ellen and I went to hear a group called Sound Circle, a women's a cappella ensemble based in Boulder, CO. The concert was called "A Concert About Now" with the subtitle - In a jangly emotional landscape, we offer affirmation and community through song. Please join us.

Yes! As I listened to the authentic and relevant repertoire of songs dedicated to speaking true experiences of the world from a place of realness and joy, and was invited to sing along at times, my heart and my voice opened in new ways to these times we are living in.

One song in particular brought me to thoughts of our community - The Peace of Wild Things, a poem by a kindred spirit, Wendell Berry, with music composed by Malcolm Dalglish. As a healing balm for my heart that I wasn't even fully aware that I needed, my soul began to feel a sense of relief, and any despair in my being dissipated.

I invite you to read the words here, and to click on the links below to listen. One link is Wendell Berry himself reading the poem. The other is the poem in song. While it is not the group I heard, I picked this one because it is an ensemble of raw, young individuals of mixed genders, and listening to it again and again while I type this I feel a renewed sense of hope creeping in.

The Peace of Wild Things ~ Wendell Berry

When despair for the world grows in me
and I wake in the night at the least sound
in fear of what my life and my children's lives may be,
I go and lie down where the wood drake
rests in its beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.
I come into the peace of the wild things
who do not tax their lives with forethought
of grief. I come into the presence of still water.
And I feel above me the day-blind stars
waiting with their light. For a time
I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.

This song, these words, helped me rest, even if just for a few brief moments, knowing that the world needs us all now more than ever. And when despair seeps in, all we have to do is go and lie down in the woods to renew, to remember, so we can enter the fray once again.

I'm so grateful for this community of like-hearted spirits to remind me, to keep calling me in, to rest with and wrestle with, to love wholeheartedly and holistically, and to remember the hope that comes with the impending and expectant dawn.

May we continue to find our individual and collective songs, and sing to ourselves and each other often.


With such gratitude for our community,
Your Netkeeper ~ Jason Geoffrion

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